Wage & Hour Defense
(Fair Labor Standards Act)

Employers like restaurants, construction companies, and retailers can benefit from Rodriguez Law as experienced employment attorneys defending business interests in Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) lawsuits. The FLSA establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, record keeping and youth employment standards.

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of claims made by employees under the FLSA against employers.

The FLSA can affect almost every business and it does not matter if your enterprise is a family business or an international corporation. Even individuals in a particular capacity are subject to suit under the FLSA.

The potential damages in these cases can reach high dollar amounts in settlements and jury verdicts because attorneys’ fees can be awarded if the employee prevails.

Minimum Wage, Overtime, and Tipped Employees

The number of employees who challenge their status as exempt from FLSA requirements to pay overtime and minimum wage has increased over recent years.

There are also cases where employees claim to be forced to work “off the clock” by missing meal and rest breaks or working pre-shift and post-shift without being paid overtime compensation or their regular rate of pay.

In some cases, employees whose pay include tips and commissions also create unique legal issues in FLSA lawsuits.

These cases have to be carefully litigated because employees often join together in class and collective actions which bring significant exposure to an employer.

An Efficient and Cost-Effective Defense

At Rodriguez Law, we develop legal strategies that make business sense. In most cases, the key to efficiently defending an FLSA case is to immediately determine if a violation existed and remedy the situation. Each case is evaluated realistically with a cost-effective approach while working with our clients to ensure their interests are being protected.

We will resolve a case or aggressively defend it by seeking dismissal of any claim that lacks merit depending on how our client wants to proceed.

It is important to be in compliance with FLSA regulations and to assess these claims early in litigation in order to minimize damages.

Common Employment Disputes

Minimum Wage, Overtime, Tips

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Fair Labor Standards Act



Restaurant & Construction Workers

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