Affordable General Counsel For Your Business


Businesses are served best by attorneys and counselors at law who are familiar with the client’s business and industry, have represented numerous other businesses, know the regional business landscape and environment, understand the synergy between the client’s business and legal issues, possess well-developed analytical skills, have the ability to ask incisive questions that identify business risks and illuminate solutions and opportunities, balance firmness with kindness, and mix wisdom with humility and a touch of humor. This is what we bring to our clients as counselors-at-law.


We understand that the uncertainty of hourly billing can deter clients from seeking our advice before signing a document, entering into a transaction or making a significant decision. All too often the result is a very expensive mistake that could have been avoided or mitigated by timely legal consultation.


To eliminate this deterrence we offer our business clients monthly retainer agreements when such an arrangement makes sense for both the client and us. These agreements allow our clients to pay a fixed monthly retainer fee for all time expended on matters within an agreed-upon scope of services. The scope of services and monthly retainer amount are customized to the client’s needs and budget. Clients now have an incentive to call instead of a reason not to call. This leads to better, more informed decisions, reduced risk, predictability of legal fees and ongoing counseling relationships that enhance our ability to offer proactive advice.




Hourly Billing Replaced By A Monthly Investment


For a minimum monthly retainer fee tailored to your business’ size and liability exposure you have access to general counsel for your business’ legal services needs at discount rates.  These services are specifically tailored to meet your business needs.


You will inevitably, if not routinely, need the sound advice of business and employment attorneys, as your business grows.  With experienced business and employment attorneys on retainer, you have quick and inexpensive advice from lawyers who already knows your business.


For example, for many of our business clients, the fee for the Plan is a minimum $3,000 per month and $5,000 per month for our clients with federal court litigation matters for one business.  For businesses and professional practices with fewer employees, pro-rated lower minimum monthly retainer and hours are available.  To put that in perspective, the average in-house General Counsel costs $12,000-$20,000 per month, all in.


This General Counsel Retainer allows you an agreed minimum amount of hours each month to respond to your immediate legal concerns by telephone, email, or meetings, including at your business.




Unlimited Access & A Personalized, One-On-One Relationship


You have personalized attention to your particular business legal needs at a significant discount to the normal hourly rates. You receive legal assistance much like large corporations do with their in-house general counsels and corporate counsels.  For no additional charge, we may be your registered agent for legal process.


You have access to business and employment lawyers with strong experience, who have worked privately and inside successful businesses throughout New York City.


Under the General Counsel Retainer Plan, we proactively manage your legal affairs for those matters brought to our attention. The Plan focuses on preventing legal problems, especially litigation, while facilitating your business or professional objectives. A good business lawyer knows how to advise about, and prepare for, risks without unduly frustrating your firm’s business goals.


You have immediate access to a business lawyer with broad business and professions knowledge and experience. If we, as general counsel, cannot supply you the necessary legal expertise, we refer you to the most cost efficient legal specialists for such advice.