The New York State Alcohol Beverage Control Law specifies that no manufacturer or wholesaler shall sell to any retailer nor shall any retailer purchase any alcoholic beverages unless these beverages are labeled in accordance with the Authority’s Rules and Federal Regulations and unless such label shall be registered with and approved by the State Liquor Authority. Effective January 1, 1994, wine does not need to be brand label registered if the wine has received label approval from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF).

On SLA forms provided for this purpose, an application for registration of a brand trade name label may be filed by any one of the following:

  1. The owner of the brand or trade name if such owner is licensed by the Authority
  2. A wholesaler selling such brand who is appointed as exclusive brand agent, in writing, by the owner of the brand or trade name for the purpose of filing such application, if the owner or brand or trade name is not licensed by the Authority
  3. Any wholesaler, with the approval of the Authority, in the event that the owner of the brand or trade name does not file or is unable to file such application or designate an agent for such purposes
  4. A retailer when the brand or trade name is owned and sold exclusively by the retailer.

Additional Information:

    Wine coolers, wine products and low alcohol wines will still be required to have brand labels registered in New York State. In addition, a sample of wine products/low alcohol or wines must be sent to the NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets for analysis.
    Cider (containing more than 3.2% but not more than 7% alcohol) must be brand label registered.
    A brewer who also holds an on-premises license for a restaurant on or adjacent to the brewery premises, and sells a particular beer brewed on the premises exclusively through a vat to tap system, is not required to register the brand label with the State Liquor Authority, but is required to register the tap out of which the beer is dispensed.
  • FEES:
    Each application shall be accompanied by a copy of the label and by a certified check, bank officer’s check, draft or money order in the following amounts:
License Type License Fee
Liquor $250.00
Beer $150.00
Wine / Wine Products $50.00
Cider No Fee
Beer Tap Registration $25.00 per tap