Recent Results

Liquor Store License Approved in East Harlem (Manhattan) in 3 ½ Months Despite Protest from Closest Competitor – Sold Two Years Later in Highly Profitable Deal

  • Successfully obtained approval for a liquor store license in East Harlem. The application was strongly opposed by its nearest competitor, a liquor store located just 2 blocks away. The application was approved before the Full Board of the State Liquor Authority on the basis of strong gross sales from neighboring stores and the fact that our client was committed to providing the largest array of wines and liquors from throughout Latin America in Manhattan. Two years later, our client decided to return to his native country in South America and sold the liquor store in a profitable deal.

Wine Store License Approved in Highly Competitive Chinatown

  • Successfully represented and counseled client in launching a wine store and obtaining approval of his wine store license in the highly competitive Canal Street (Chinatown) area in Manhattan despite protests from neighboring wine and liquor stores.  Client thankful he hired a New York liquor license attorney.

Liquor Store License Approved in Crown Heights Brooklyn Despite Another Liquor Store Across Street

  • Successfully represented client in opening a liquor store in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn and obtaining approval of her liquor store license despite the presence of another liquor store one block away.

Liquor Store License Approved in Harlem (Manhattan) Despite Opposition From Competitor Liquor Store Located Two Blocks Away