On-premises retail licenses (taverns, restaurants, night clubs, etc.) are prohibited from knowingly employing a person convicted of a New York State translated felony or other specified offenses.

No person holding any license, other than a license to sell an alcoholic beverage for retail off-premises consumption, shall knowingly employ in connection with his business, any person who has been convicted of a felony, or any of the following offense listed in Section 102.2 of the ABC Law, who has not subsequent to such conviction received an executive pardon therefore removing any civil disabilities incurred thereby, a certificate of good conduct or other relief from disabilities provided by law, or the written approval of the State Liquor Authority permitting such employment. (See Section 102.2 – ABC Law)

There are no prohibitions against a person convicted of a New York State translated felony, or certain specified offenses to be employed on any retail premises licensed for off-premises consumption (i.e. grocery stores, drug stores, or liquor stores).